"Our priority is to add value to client projects."

The Firm

GS Despacho Legal, is the synergy of two professionals with the vision to add to the legal market an innovative and personalized service based on excellence and reliability youth. Our philosophy is to present customized to the needs of customers, in accordance with the highest standards of quality and professionalism solutions. Our priority is to add value to client projects.

The firm is under the direction of licensed Laura Ilán Guzmán Paniagua and Racelyn Sención Lluberes, legal professionals who integrate their experience, skill and projection in the Dominican legal practice.

GS Despacho legal provides legal services focusing on civil, commercial, real estate litigation matters, labor and family, assistance to businesses and consumers in the field of consumer market, insurance matters, competition, credit recovery and real estate foreclosures. This, complemented with a focus on corporate law, heritage organizations, intellectual property, foreign investment, structuring and financing of projects, integration and management of local and foreign companies, general contracts.

Our Mission

Complement the needs of our customers by implementing a strategic architecture for the prevention of legal risks. Address and solve efficient and cost effective way for customer, legal situations and risks and verified.

Our Team

Our team is formed by young professionals specialized in different areas of law, whose objective is to offer fast and effective solutions to the projects and concerns of our clients.

Services and Practice Areas

Corporate Law

  • Incorporation and management of Local and Foreign Companies
  • Heritage organization
  • Mergers, and Acquisitions
  • Foreign investment

Banking and Finance

  • Structuring Financings
  • Stock market
  • Investment funds

Telecommunications Law

  • End-user service delivery contracts
  • Interconnection Contracts
  • Public consultation processes

Special Projects

  • Structuring of projects in general
  • Consultancy in the implementation of business in Dominican Republic
  • Real estate operations structuring

General Private Law

  • Contracts
  • Family right
  • Bounties and donations
  • Matrimonial regimes
  • Successions and Partitions
  • Acts of Civil Status
  • Divorces
  • Nonprofit Associations
  • Foundations

Property and Law Registry

  • Real Estate Transfers
  • Sanitation, Demarcation and Recasting Procedures
  • Land Modifications and Adjustments
  • Registered Rights Litigation
  • Landlord Litigation
  • Condominium Regimes
  • Consultancy Builders in real estate and construction area.

Industrial Property

  • Consultancy records Copyright and Patent
  • Consultancy records of Intellectual Property Rights (Trademarks, Commercial Names, Label, Commercial Motto)

Alternative Dispute Resolution

  • Advice on arbitration
  • Advice on mediation
  • National Arbitration

Civil and Commercial Litigation

  • Liability
  • Breach of contract
  • Insurances
  • Credit recoveries
  • Real estate foreclosures and Mobiliarias
  • Law 173, Law on Protection Agents Importers of Goods and Products

Consumer Rights

  • Advice to companies on Consumption Contracts and Accession Agreements
  • Complaints to the National Institute for the Protection of Consumer Rights (Proconsumidor)
  • Unfair competition
  • Conciliations and arbitrations

Labor Law

  • Counseling Employment Contracts
  • Consultations personnel management work
  • Labor litigation
  • Regulation of Companies in the Labor field.
  • Advising in the matter of Contracts of Works, Dismissals, Evictions.
  • Consultation on management of work personnel.
  • Labor Litigation.


GS Despacho legal is commitment, planning, innovation, discretion and reliability.


Nueva Ley 63-17

24 Febrero 2017

Esta nueva Ley, deroga la 241 sobre Transito de Vehículos, la cual fue promulgada el 28 de Diciembre del año 1967, y que a los tiempos actuales sancionaba de manera conservadora a las personas que la violaban.

Las creación de esta nueva Ley, busca supervisar la movilidad, el transporte terrestre, el tránsito y la seguridad vial. De igual modo establecer las instituciones responsables de planificar y ejecutar dichas actividades.

De igual modo, establece que el Estado orientará sus acciones para garantizar la seguridad vial de todas las personas. La medida toma en cuenta a los grupos vulnerables en su desplazamiento, por lo que el Estado propiciará y fomentará un sistema integrado de movilidad. Buscas más orientación sobre las consecuencias y la valoración a esta nueva normativa? Contáctanos, estamos dispuestos a apoyarte.

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